Strange McHammer

Weird construction technique never observed roof supported in this manner

Sure I have seen that Charley it is called a single point load. What size of column was under that area. LOL

Don’t know it was buried and I don 't dig in insulation just never seen one like that in the flat lands

Charley under the point load in the house. Was it a support wall or large column.

No load bearning wall beneath

Can’t imagine Charley, why that configuration and the tripple ceiling joist under those struts.
Hip roof, and not required by my knowledge. But there is a first for everything.
Looks like a tree of temporary supports never taken down. Certainly don’t need that for a hip roof framing.

Weird at the least.

Nice homes in that neighborhood from what I can see.

Is there a lot of those radiant barrier type roofs down that way.?

That your 1 ton truck?:slight_smile:

Those supports were pernament the roof was high lots of wasted space and yes the radiant barriers are quite common here in newer construction this home built in 03 the whole neighbor hood is suppose to be
green with Geo heat pumps and the energy package me thinks it missed the energy boat.

That be my one ton or BD as I call it;-)

Framing sucks…hope you wrote that up.

So what would you have stated tear it down and start over???

Good morning Charley.

I think it is quite an unorthodox method of providing additional support for undersized rafters for the span.:slight_smile:

way too polite…

not at all pretty but it’s OKIE and i see no T-brace(s)
fyi: unbraced length of struts shall not exceed 8 feet (2438 mm)
get the dummy up there to fix it ;~))

Bracing is a joke…undersize braces and purlins, incorrect spacing…the list goes on and on.

In cases like this its best to simply write that the roof framing system was improperly constructed, recommend a licensed general contractor correct same. Repairs will run around $2000.00. The biggest pain is dealing with the heat… I would want to start around 6am and hope to be out of there by 11 am…and pray that my guys don’t fall through the ceiling make the job a complete bust.

Oh my…that roof wouldn’t like our snow loads.

pretty thin insul there, Charley!