Strange Phenomena

Sorry if I spelled that wrong.

In any case. We had some heavy rains in this area, last night. Because of this, the Chicago River, which naturally flowed INTO Lake Michigan (until the Army Corp of Engineers reversed its flow in 1900). Now it flows from the Lake to the Missisippi River Valley instead of into the lake.


Sometimes, during heavy rainfall, because of the large amounts of rain, they open the locks and the river flows into the lake.


Because the river has large amounts of metallic ore in its river bed (from decades of factories dumping into the river), when the river is reversed AND there is a large, electric, storm, we get “grounding” into the lake.

This this special picture.

(Glad I wasn’t out sailing :mrgreen: )

Enjoy, and be amazed by the workings of G-d and Physics.

WOW, Will that is an awesome pic for sure.:cool:


Cool pic.
Had a client last week that works for an environmental group as an attorney trying to get them to limit the lock openings.

Not good for our health as you might guess.
We drink and play in that stuff.

Seems I get a bad ear infection every time I swim there now in days.

Very cool picture!!!

very nice

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that is awesome!

HE never stops amazing me… Thanks for sharing. I would love a copy of that pic if you don’t mind emailing to me.