Strange roof decking

This house originally had a tar and gravel roof that was covered with elastomeric sealant. Inside the house, there was no attic space - just rafters and some very funky looking decking that looked like rubber bands or cork.

Can anyone identify this decking? Is it insulated? The house was cool.

Also, how do YOU report on estimated lifespan on elastomeric coated roofs? Are they a viable alternative to a new roof? Can you just keep adding layers elastomeric indefinitely?

Wood wool sound absorbing insulation

look up wood wool boards a UK product

The decking was used on many older, 50s and before homes. The coating appears to be over tar and gravel, which was commonly applied over those roofs.

Are you sure that is not a SPF roof with an elastomeric coating?

never seen that type of decking before.

Go to sw fort lauderdale around riverland road…you will see plenty! :slight_smile:

Interesting. I see they can be used as permanent form boards for concrete, but are they structural panels by themselves?

Old type of panelboard that usually consisted of multiple layers including an insulated thermal barrier sandwiched in the middle. It should be replaced during re-roofing as it will not meet current code applications. The webbing allowed breathing of the material and was thought to prolong the lifespan of the roofing system.

When it gets old…and is freshly coated…one could step through the roof in several areas…ask how I know? :wink:

Most of the ones that were in our neighborhood had tar and gravel coverings and they just kept using gravel-lock and coating until finally, everything had to be replaced. Our home got replaced with 1 x 6 tongue and groove wood over 4 x 4 beams. It was an exposed ceiling. Very pretty when it was done however, no provision for central air!!!

Growing up in the 60s was fun!!