Strangest defect I've encountered

Imagine hot 1 disconnected, and hot 2 and neutral bar connected. This was quick and if I understand it better after Brian pieced it together for us.


Kenton, I just noticed you do straw bale and earth homes. Those types of construction are common here in Tucson. Rammed earth construction is still going on as well as mud adobe bricks.

I am curious what your rates are for Mexico inspections.

What I figured after rereading the OP, and brian explaining things.


Those types of construction are beginning to happen more here but they aren’t anywhere close to common and I’ve worked out inspection methods just because I’m interested. Do you disclaim the walls when you do straw bale homes?

I have yet to do one South of the border, Brian. And it’s a shame too.

Kenton, I have not had the pleasure of wiring a straw bale home. In mud adobe we channel the mud and use UF.

As you probably know, straw bale homes are usually high dollar unless they are built by the owner.