Strangest find of the year

Everyone has seen some strange things when doing a home inspection, This find was added to my list of strange finds of the year. Bet you can’t guess where this was located

OK Michael, I’ll bite, where did you find this???

With the plastic purtekshun it must have been around water. :roll:

was it a wet location?
Trying to figure out what the plastic is for.

While inspecting a forclosure home today, I notice a bulge under the wallpaper in the bathroom, I ran my hand over the bulge, the wallpaper tore and surprise. Both panels hiding behind the wallpaper, no deadfronts and my hand going through the wallpaper. Guess today was my lucky day

Oh Yeah!
I have heard of that code provision
the wall paper death trap front - its legal :twisted: trust me

Geez I knew I should have bought the 06 NEC :smiley:

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like an old FPE as well. Was it?

lol…yeah considering their is no 06 NEC…lol…but you knew that…:slight_smile:

Yes it is, There is another FPE panel in the kitchen, a brand new 100 amp panel in the laundry room that was in the process of being wired. Found out the previous homeowner was found dead of a drug over dose, and the house has been vacant 2 years.

yeah, guess I slipped on that one and forgot the :wink: