Stray Voltage?

Anyone know of info in regard to stray voltage or EMF’s. My client at one of todays inspections has some concerns with fairly large primarys going over head and a city power transformer station within 200 ft.
My voltage tester I use for checking stray wires in attics and crawls went nuts when I turned it on outside, and the higher I held it, the nuttier it got!
Thanks for any help.

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You may already have done this but if not then log into the Members Only section, below left, then select NACHI Mall, Articles, Consumer Information Center, then Electromagnetic Fields or just open the attached pdf file.

You might also want to check out an EMF post (by James Troth) and reply by Caoimhín P. Connell over in the Ancillary Services section .

Yes, We had a discussion already on this in a post about EMF and I posted some information.

Thanks guys! all are appreciated.