Stressing safety when it is not easily apparent

Had an inspection, yesterday. Pretty good house with minor issues.


Check out this photo. The junction of the stairway (the picture was taken from the 1st floor) to the basement had an open space. It measured 1 1/2’ high and 1’ wide, at the widest. The client had 2 small children (3 and 1 1/2 years old) and this was a safety hazard.

It took me 15 minutes to explain why this was a problem and I was getting interupted by the agent all along the way. Finally, I stuck my head through the opening and called for thr 3 year old to come over to me. At this point, the mother got alarmed and finally saw the potential for her child’s harm.

All in all, it will be easy to fix, but I am amazed how hard it is, sometimes, for people to understand safety hazards.

Hope thjis helps;

Nice catch Will.

Carry a baby doll with and demonstrate.

Should take about 30 seconds.:wink:

Should not be able to place a 4 inch ball in any gap at any stairway, IMHO. Good catch. Write it up, inform, your job is done.

Your big head fit in there??:shock:

Good catch!!!

Here is one I had 2 days ago during a Fannie Mae Inspection.

Yep , not even close, but it is amazing that people can not visualize their kid leaning inside the hole to see whats below!

Here is a top step, dark wood and handrail ends one step short. I almost missed the first step 3 times during the inspection! Even when you know the problem as you approach the stairs your eye automaticly goes to the handrail.:shock:

I like it. I just might steal that idea, Mike. :smiley:

Jeff, Mike said baby doll not blow up doll!!:twisted::twisted:

Linas… you’ve got email!!! :shock:;):twisted:

How much did you pay for her? Does she clean up easy ie., does she have a removable reservoir?

Mike, how quick do you come up with this stuff ?

**I guess you just looked at the pictures. Probably didn’t notice there was writing in the email. (Don’t forget to wipe down your keyboard)! **:mrgreen:

Must be the self-cleaning model! :shock:

You should probably check into the warranty before you buy :twisted:

Why do you ask?

Check out this deck railing from last week. My client was carrying her baby at the inspection.

Why answer my question with a question?

Why not? :wink:

Because questions will never get answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently not. :wink:

What are you guys talking about?