Striving to be the best

As it is in human nature, we work hard to be the best at what we do. In my current job, I’ve been considered as the “best” tech to many customers only because I’ve been lucky enough to diagnose a situation quickly and get them back in operation sooner than they expected. This is due to my experience and troubleshooting skills remaining sharp.
In transition from one field to another and with a strong desire to maintain that level of respect from your peers, what would you consider to be some of the most important aspects to help yourself in the process of being a reputable inspector?

Try to be as helpful and knowledgeable as possible, word will spread through referrals, within a couple years you will not have to depend on any other type of advertising, except being the helpful knowledgeable inspector from one client to the next.

Write report in English, don’t talk like a robot (inspector-speak) when you write a report.

People like to be able to understand in plain layman terms what something means.

Good advice Dale. One does not want to sound like an Engineering Lingo dictation on the report. People are plain like most and understand a Frenchman like me very well.:mrgreen: No fancy words. Get to the point.

Works for me Marcel…I don’t say it “Appears Serviceable”…I say it “Functioned Correctly today”—:blush:

That “Lingo” works well too—:lol:

:mrgreen: Well, the furnance operated today when I turned the thermostat. Well, it works today. :wink:


Sounds better than “The furnace appears serviceable” WTF does that mean?–:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Scott…we’re getting a little off Track here–:wink:

Dale, I think Scott is picking up the drift. The bottom line is that something works or it don’t or is broken and needs repaired. Very simple. :slight_smile:

Yup. Thanks and keep it coming. I want to gather as much as possible before I put my name out there.
BTW Marcel, I’m originally from Cape Cod. Always enjoyed camping up north, except the water’s still so dang cold in August.

My way of thinking is that I can be the smartest and most knowledgeable home inspector on the block and it is not worth a darn if I am not dependable. One thing that doesn’t cost anything and will garner you positive word of mouth and referrals is to do what you say you will do and do it when you say you will do it. If you accept an appointment date and time to do an inspection and can’t show up you had best be on your death bed. If you say you will provide the soft copy of the report within 24 hours then don’t take on more business appointments until you finish with the old business. The old adage regarding a satisfied client telling 3 other people and a dissatisfied client telling 10 other people is true.

Scott, it may be a little esoteric but, from time to time, I share and follow my Core Values:

Core Values.pdf (123 KB)

Thanks Michael


Some might need the definition Dennis;

Honesty implies a lack of deceit. A statement can be strictly true and still be dishonest if the intention of the statement is to deceive its audience. Similarly, a falsehood can be spoken honestly if the speaker actually believes it to be true. Conversely, dishonesty can be defined simply as behavior that is performed with intent to deceive. Lying by commission, lying by omission, fraud, and plagiarism are all examples of this sort of behavior. Other examples can be doing one thing and telling the other, as if you are hiding something.
Honesty is typically considered virtuous behavior, and has strong positive connotations in most situations.


I’m with you Marcel, but if we have define honesty to a home inspector, then all is lost for that person. IMO.

Agreed Dennis.:):smiley:

NEVER stop learning! Just meeting the bare, basic, minimal requirements of State Licensing required continuing education, or Professional Organization (InterNACHI) required membership renewal continuing education is not enough.
Be honest.
Be early - if you are on time, you are late.
Take an active role in your membership organizations - InterNACHI, Chamber, BNI or …insert name here …
Brand yourself - if you don’t know about that - take a marketing class
Deliver on whatever you say or promise - earlier than you said you would.
Enjoy being in business - if it gets to be a drag - its’ time to leave

These are some excellent words of wisdom.

Hey Scott
dress the part if your a professional look like it. don’t show up looking like you just got up and slepted in your clothes.

Did you pass me on the way in today!?:stuck_out_tongue: