Structural Design of Lateral Resistance to Wind and Earthquake for the Home Inspector

The article states that “therefore, the information and design examples presented in this article provide a useful guide and resource that supplement existing building code provisions. More importantly, the article is aimed at fostering a better understanding of the role of analysis versus judgment, and promoting more efficient design in the form of alternative methods.”

Nice article for designers. How does this benefit the home inspector doing a “visual” inspection? Yes, some people want more info but how will it help? Inspectors are NOT “code” inspectors. Inspectors will know little to nothing about the analysis discussed, so how can they “judge” a situation during an inspection. Most would not have the Engineering Physics or math required to use the article. Articles like this are great but you should qualify what the inspector can actually use it for? Can they use it when they inspect a house? If so, how? Great article for those inspectors who are engineers as well. Maybe they can use it in there own analysis and design… Nick, it would be great to have a “non technical” article on how a home inspector can JUDGE if the ledge board connection is adequate for the home owner to use the deck.