Structural engineer only recommendation was to REGRADE lolol

Purchase of residential home

Horizontal crack, spalling, water ingress in basement … re-------grade huh?

Negligent dumb azz, same old crap

structural engineer… R E— GRADE huh lolol

PIPE it down, shut off the negligent regrading etc crrrrrap or get sued, get pounded because some deserve it, YES they most certainly do. Billy B in New England, ‘DO YOUR JOB’

inspector told buyer ‘a need for positive drainage’

inspector told buyer was no evidence of water penetration or moisture reading on base of walls

–Well duh, maybe it hadn’t rain recently, just because sometimes your meter doesn’t say ‘hello’ doesn’t mean the damn basements doesn’t, hasn’t leaked. ONLY during the 2-4 hours the HI was there.

… eventually the drywall was removed, cracks and openings in various locations, one hole large enough to put a HAND in and allows daylight to enter