Structural Evaluation at Your Fingertips

For those interested, I have partnered with this Engineering Firm so when the need arises that a client decides to persue Structural Design Evaluations, it is available. Full report established.

Hello Marcel:

As one of our inspectors for Manufactured Home Foundation Certification inspections, we would like to also like to extend an offering to you for other ancillary services. We can also partner with you on structural engineering reports for regular stick built homes (not just manufactured homes). (Note, a stick-built home, or sometimes called a site-built home, is one that is constructed on-site, like most homes in America, and not in a factory.)

Many times your clients will need a Professional Engineer’s report for cracked foundations, water in the crawlspace area, faulty structural components, and other extraneous circumstances. This requirement for a Professional Engineer’s report may be triggered from something you notice in your own inspections, reports from the appraisal, or someone else - like the loan underwriter.

The Firm can be contacted here;
and here;

Hey, me too! I got the same email,
I guess they mass mailed us all…

How do those prices look guys.
I see they also pay a referral fee .

Makes my spidey senses tingle.

It’s not really a “referral” fee, it’s a fee for services. You (the inspector) has to document and provide the info to the SE for analysis. You are paid for your work.

If you find the work on your own, they pay 40% (or something like that) of the fee directly to you. If they contact you for the inspection, you receive 20% (?) of the fee collected. Fees are usually in the $600 range.

I don’t have the exact figures on me, but these are close.

You’re correct Jeff, their fee is $597 and you get 25% if initiated by them or 40% if initiated by you the inspector.
Either way, all the specifics have to be recorded with a lot of pictures and they provide the Structural anyalisis report on the findings.
Might not use it very often, but nice to have the resource if the client wishes to pay for the evaluation. :slight_smile:

Better to get a Structural engineer that goes on site and charges less.

Would either of you consider doing a full Inspection you are liable for by pictures?

I prefer to stay above board and not recommend a service just because I get to scarf up part of the proceeds.

There’s nothing “below board” about it Bob. You are providing an additional “inspection,” not an “analysis” or engineering report. Most SE’s will charge a similar price for an “on-site” evaluation.

OK explain to me again how they do a full comprehensive structural analysis by email.
Who holds all the liability?

Bob, this shoe might not fit all inspectors out there.
Basically, we are working as a sub-contractor for the engineering firm.
Since we are not an employee of the Structural firm, we need our own general liability or errors and omissions insurance.
The subcontractor is responsible for maintaining any insurances and protection from claims arising out of performance of professional services caused by any negligent error, omission or act for which we are legally liable.
Proper investigation, pictures and documentation have to be accurate that has been supplied to the Engineer for evaluation.
Some understanding of structural design, methods and procedures would be an asset to provide that information.

Being a builder all my life and structurally minded will make it a bit easier to supply the information required for their evaluation.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Great…Just take the money and keep it all Marcel.:slight_smile:
Seriously I think you are right that it is not for everybody.

Based on what I am reading here we could do bridge inspections, high rise inspections,rocket ship inspections ,etc all by taking pictures and sending them to Engineers.

When I recommend a roofer ,be damed if I will except his liability Marcel.


Would be nice to keep the money Bob, but I am missing that little paper with a stamp on it. :):wink:

You just stay home Bob and cruise the message board, I’ll take all of northern Illinois.:wink: I’ve got the link on my website to get ALL the work


You mean like you are doing now?
Actually I will use the WFLTGSOOB method.
.Wait for Linus to get sued out of business and take all his clients.:slight_smile:
That should increase my income by about 10%.

Bob, are you swearing at Linus? WFLTGSOOB:mrgreen:

If you met the perp you would understand.:twisted:

OK where is that link Linus as one of my clients wants an example of Inspectors that over charge through auxiliary service add ons.:stuck_out_tongue:

Now that you are going to be busy taking foundation pictures that leave out missing exterior flashing ,downspout,lot grade and soil complications can you send some of that property preservation business my way so that at least a few of them get the plumbing vacated properly.:):):slight_smile:
We have partnered with the engineers at
Foundation Certifications to provide a
turn-key foundation certification service to you.
You may place your order online by going to

OK thanks.
By the way I see you have 700 more posts than I do you web surfer you.:slight_smile:

We gotta get you some work.

How much eduction and training did it take you to get that pretty seal?
I will be sure to have you come out and take liability for every CMU block and 100 year old stone foundation you can dig up.

I actually did a winterization in Highland Park on a new $1.5 mil. home that had water leaks when they turned the water on. The new owners are suing the bank!!!

Did you remember to blow the pipe.:):):slight_smile: