Structural or not?

I am inspecting a detached garage attic the roof is a pyramid hip roof I believe. My question is in regards to the vertical bracing as one of the studs is not toe nailed at the top like the others. Is this bracing structural and therefore deficient or non-structural possibly put in place during construction and never removed. Thanks for the advice!

Non-structural as far as I am concerned. Looks like they have concrete on them and use them for temporary support while framing and left there.
A hip supports itself without vertical aids.


Thank you Marcel!

I agree with Marcel.


Agreed with the others: it’s temporary bracing.

Looking at how it is fastened, it could not take any significant load anyway. Your client gets a more usable attic space as an extra bonus of your inspection :slight_smile:


…and, $100.00 worth of studs. LOL!


And $500 worth of concrete


Technically a hip roof is self supporting…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need braces. The hip rafters should be a size larger, collar ties are missing and if the rafters are over 12’ they need a middle brace to eliminate sag (snow braces). It’s also a good idea to put a brace at each end of the ridge and in the middle of hip rafters. Looking at the pictures I would say the bracing was not well considered and should be improved.