Structural support in basement rental

I recently moved into a rental house, and our floor has been sagging, getting worse over time. Our landlord has said that this is our fault and problem. In the basement, there is a telescoping support post in place next to the staircase. It isn’t secured by anything other than pressure, with not bolts at top or bottom, and the top is dishing. Additionally, there is a crack in one of the floor joists. I have read that this type of post is not meant for permanent structural usage. Could this be used as grounds to have him perform the repairs? If not, what is the best course of action to remedy this?

Moveing out is always a solution.

Your fault? Did you overload the floor? Waterbed maybe?

Even if it is your fault, it is definitely the landlord’s problem, unless somewhere in his fevered fantasies he thinks you are going to fix it.

Seriously? Jack beam has a structural problem with a support post.

Jim’s brother?

Any pictures of what furniture you have on the floor and floor structure in the basement?