Structural Support Post

On a recent inspection I came across this round steel support post which is anchored in concrete slab floor and I assume attached to support beam in bulkhead. The post is on a angle and when measured has a 3 inch difference from top to bottom when measured from nearby wall.

I personally don’t think this would affect the load bearing capabilities of support post but I would appreciate your thought and comments on this. This particular addition was done in 2005 and there is a building permit for addition.
Excuse my Covid 19 glove encased finger in picture :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I used to carry a plumb bob to measure vertical…worked great. The nearby wall, that you measured from could be leaning, eh?

I would report what I see, refer it out to a qualified contractor and move along.

Best to you, Roger…and, welcome back to our forum.


I agree with Larry

Where is the tipping point? That’s a lot of lean just from the photo. Center of gravity is offset and is not bearing down directly thru the center of the post, not even a 3rd of it. When you do not elevate this to a qualified person, you are basically accepting the liability of it. Not something I would do.


Veey hard to determine a cause of a structural issue. Too many things to measure and consider. Best to refer it out if you believe it’s an issue.


I would just have noted it out of plumb unless I could see any evidence of any structural danger.

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Just curious, is that a crack in the drywall? That is where it could be expected if the top plate is pulling away.


Bad seam in the drywall fitted around the drywall.
You getting paranoid, Brian? LOL
I don’t think it will fall down.

Yes, I guess so.

In my opinion there may be more to the story. What you see at the top with leaning could be a bigger problem at the bottom which is covered up. Slab settlement or missing column footings is one of my concerns.

I think it is more of a layout issue at the time of the installation, but more than that one picture could verify that.

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Thanks for thoughts and comments. I did recommend that they check with Municipal Building Department as there was a Building Permit for this addition. I would assume they would get a visit from Building Inspector and some written comment on this particular support issue.

Agreed and you make excellent points.

@rfrost could you see the post to slab connection? I thought I saw carpet.

The concrete slab is visible where post is connected to floor. Cannot verify that there is an actual footing. I do not think building department would be that incompetent as to not identify a missing footing. But as you are aware, anything is possible.

You’re right about anything possible, that is why we are there. And, what if no permit was pulled? It is all on you :wink:

Personally, I would not assume that, Roger.

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If you are nervous about any future problem due to this leaning column, just refer it to a qualified contractor or PE, to rid yourself of any liability in the future. Guaranteed nothing with be done about it other than maybe boxing it in if objectionalble by the client or new owner.

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Now only thing it saved was not having to wash your hands when done…

But to the question at hand (ha) guess it depends on whether the post is out of plumb, or if the wall is out of plumb. Either way, 3" is alot.


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