structural types

Looking for a document/pdf that briefly describes the most common types of commercial structure construction (the frame, envelope, roof structure, foundation, just the basic structural). Like steel frame, block, poured concrete, etc. Don’t need lots of detail, just some kind of simple descriptions. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Lots of them are combinations of all of those. You’re in Colorado like I am, so we often see poured concrete below grade, concrete block used as firewalls between units, and steel framing everywhere else.

I had a series at one time that might help you out with a variety of consctruction components, but all that is left starts at posts #262.


Very common commercial as well as industrial structures is the Gerber Girder Cantilevered Open Web + Steel Joist structure. You will find this online.

You might begin looking at McGraw-Hill for building profile types.
Good luck!

Thanks Marcel, Ron, and William. Good suggestions…

How about a PCA?