Structure Course Sept 29th

The Illinois State Chapter of NACHI

Education Event

Course: Structure Course
Instructor: Rodman Roeske


Southwestern Community College

Belleville Campus

***2500 Carlyle Ave.

Belleville, IL 62221-5899


Directions to the Belleville Campus:
detailed driving directions

When*: Saturday, Sept *29th, 2007 **
: 7:30 to 4:30 PM

CEU: 6hrs Illinois State Credits

Cost: NACHI Members $85.00
NON – Members $100.00

Space is limited so we cannot guarantee a seat for those who want to pay at the door. If you have to pay by check, we must receive it no later than September 15 in order to make the necessary arrangements with the catering manager.

Sign up go to: pay using pay-pal.

Price includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Break (Snacks)

Isn’t this Will Decker’s Course? Why isn’t he teaching it? I he does it for free. (Or for a few drinks):cool:


Reminder that Will Decker is not teaching his course, Ken?

I though that Mr. Decker has said he gave these course to NACHI? If this is true then I and others believe that anyone has the right to teach them. If there is a problem then why has Mr. Decker not saying anything? Mr. Nice are you now in charge of want go on in other state and chapters. Are you now the one that speak of Mr. Decker? I believe that if there is a problem Mr. Decker will speak up.

Will gives a lot of things. I know he never expected that giving it to NACHI meant giving it to you. It makes sense to give them to NACHI since it is the educator of record for IL credits. Joe F does it, Gerry does it and I bet they would tear you a new on if you didn’t ask them first.

I guess some people think that the absence of a rule is an invitation to ignore comon courtesy.…9&postcount=13…4&postcount=15

Quote David Nice: (I know he never expected that giving it to NACHI meant giving it to you. ) Want now you are saying that only some people can use it?

Once again you speak of some thing you knowing about - Joe and Gerry did not give there course to NACHI.

As expected, my point was missed completely. As for Joe and Gerry. If they didn’t give any courses to NACHI it was a wise move. God knows what you guys would do if they had. Of course everybody knows that this is only a dissing of Will specifically and you would never think of having anyone else instruct a course that anyone else gave to NACHI without at least a consult.

I guess Will never expected that other chapters would find their own instructors without so much as a peep. I also happen to know that he would gladly train anyone to instruct the course in a way that insures the course gets delivered properly so most participants are able to pass the exam.

Since the exam is important to IL participants getting their CE hours, it would be reasonable to want to do everything possible to make sure that happens.


**Event Canceled

Due to a lack of interested