Stucco Flashing

Bottom edge of stucco is uneven height. Large gap at flashing. No backer rod/sealant around windows. Raw wood at windows. Trim is wood comp around windows. What do you do!!!

Buck, I see roof shingles all the time nailed on top of flashings; and they will leak over time as the nails at the flashing holes expand and contract with weather, and create small holes at the nails. It takes a few years to develop, right after the home warranty by the builder runs out.

Thin stucco and in the 3rd picture it looks like the smart trim is warping from soaking up the water from the improper installation of, the window,the trim,the stucco!

It all starts with the framers and snowballs from there!

IMO of course.:mrgreen:

No one does anything right why buy a chalk line?

Because it looks good on ya. :mrgreen: … you know, all the red chalk dust all over …

Green,blue,orange, anything but red.

Mortar colors also work good in chalk boxes.

But the orange is a secret!