Stucco Inspection Contracts

does anyone have a stucco inspection contract or know where to find one? Looking for an agreement for seller to sign to allow me to poke holes / test his hard coat stucco.
thanks, Gordon Fox

Check with Dan Bowers, he is a member of INACHI.

Use at your own risk, I assume no liability and advise you run this by your attorney for approval.


Please make certain the yard irrigation system has been deactivated at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection appointment.

This GLOBAL RELEASE AGREEMENT is entered into effect on the ___ __ day of_______________________, by and between ____________________ Inspections and _________________________________________________________________, the property owners of record at the residence located at _________________________________________________________________________.

All attempts will be made to minimize the amount and extent of the damage to the EIFS cladding on this building during our EIFS Moisture analysis Inspection scheduled for ________________________________________________(weather permitting) at 8:00 AM.

A non-destructive moisture meter (Tramex Wet Wall Detector®) will be used to survey the exterior walls of the house. In areas where elevated moisture levels are indicated, a probe meter (Tramex or Delmhorst Professional Moisture Meter®) will be used to ascertain the actual moisture content of the wall behind the EIFS insulation board. This entails the insertion of two (2) probes approximately the size of knitting needles spaced approximately one inch (1”) apart.

Once the moisture level has been observed and recorded the holes will be sealed with a high-grade low modulus sealant. An attempt will be made to approximately match the surrounding exterior color, but no guarantee of the degree of color match is made.

In our experience well over 50% of the areas requiring probe testing will require both further destructive investigation and repair by a manufacturer-approved EIFS installer. Plan on and budget for repair work prior to entering this agreement.

The property owner hereby authorizes ___________________________________________
to perform the above referenced destructive probe testing on this home for the clients____________________________________________________________________.

Any and all damage that may occur to the subject property, structure or surrounding vegetation due to the normal course of an EIFS inspection following the EDI inspection protocol is acceptable to the current properly owner of record.

Initials ____

Inspector(s) will not be held liable for any damages that occur before, during or after the inspection of the subject property and any and all repairs or replacements are the exclusive responsibility of the property owner of record.

(Signature – – Property Owners of Record)