Stucco Question

Does anybody know the purpose of these small tubes. They are coming out the of bottom of the stucco? Just started seeing this on newer homes. Thanks.

IMG_0015 (Small).JPG

Pre-termite access tubes?

Was this at this one location or continuous?
May be trash embedded under screed?
What type of weep screed?
If this was used as backer rod, backer rod is supposed to be closed cell, not what appears to be rubber/plastic tube. This would be a misapplication due to materials used, installation and sealant absence. But sealant is no longer recommended for foundation termination.

Ventilation of the wall behind the stucco?

if those are pest control tubes they should have been terminated in an accessable box designed for service

The foundation weep screed is sloped. The tubes are not evenly spaced around the perimeter of the house, but are on every side of the house. Thanks to everyone for the responses. I will talk with the builder and post what he says they are for. Tab

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