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Good morning everyone, I am looking forward to starting my journey of becoming a home inspector.


Hello everyone! Taking course for continuing education.


Hey Everyone,
Hope you all are doing good! Taking this course to increase my knowledge base and become home inspector.
Vantika Singh

Welcome, Vantika and everyone else taking this online course! If you need anything, feel free to reach out to


Hello everyone! I am looking forward to starting this course and starting the journey!

Hello brothers and sisters, I’m Ron Edwards and I joined InterNACHI to become a Grade “A” residential and commercial home inspector in the state of Georgia. #GODAWGS

Hi everyone, just taking this course for continuing education.

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Great, @rsandt. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to your Education Team at

Hello everyone, My name is George and I am enjoying these courses and trying to find a job as I go through these is proving to be difficult.

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Hi @gberry4. Thank you for taking the course. And in relation to finding a job, are you referring to getting new clients for your home inspection business?

If yes, then I recommend checking out a few of the many resources that InterNACHI provides including my favorite recent video related to marketing and getting new inspection business. Check it out at Business & Marketing Webinar for InterNACHI® Members - Free Home Inspector Webinar.

Then be sure to go through every step on 15 Steps to Become a Successful Home Inspector - InterNACHI®. Click every step and every link and take advantage of everything you need to be successful.

I also recommend the free online business development tool at InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

If you need anything, feel free to reach out to anyone on staff at Contact InterNACHI.

Just taking the Structural Issues course. Noticed a couple things in the curricula I wanted to ask about. Forgot the first one, but regarding conditioned crawlspaces and what they need to meet code – I will assume the plastic layer required on the soil is 6 mil, not 6 mm. Correct?

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Hi, @kbaumer. You may be interested in this video course about crawlspaces: Advanced Inspection of Crawlspaces Course - InterNACHI®.

And the code in relation to barriers in crawlspaces is at 2018 IRC R406.3.2 2018 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL CODE AND COMMENTARY, VOLUME 1 AND 2 (IRC) | ICC DIGITAL CODES.

And we have an article about crawlspaces and barriers at Scroll down to the “Crawlspace Floor, Poly Vapor Barrier” section of the article.

Hope that helps.

hi just reading this form for the first time

If there’s anything you need, @jguy3, just let us know.
Good people working every day to help your inspection business succeed: - InterNACHI®.

this is a great course.

Glad to hear it, @jguy3.

I am very pleased with the website and am very happy to be apart of this journey to become a Home Inspector. My partner and I have working on Rehabilitating a house for over 2 years and we are 2 weeks shy of being completed. I used to be a Police Officer for 10 years and happen to have a knack for finding flaws. So upon reading what a Home Inspector is and combining everything I learned from renovating the house decided to become a Home Inspector and utilize this knowledge and maybe start a private business. I will utilize all the InterNACHI has to offer and thank you for all the services and guidance.

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That’s great to hear, @jdegraff. If there’s anything you need, the Education Team is at And I am available too, any time, for anything, including help with your business and marketing, at

Hello my name is john persinger and I’m enjoying this course learning about home inspections