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This open, public forum thread is dedicated exclusively to students currently enrolled in InterNACHI’s free, online Home Inspection Standards of Practice Course. This thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

In this thread, students may ask questions, make comments, and join the discussion with other students currently enrolled in the course.

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can i use my phone 2 do the practice exam essay and send pics because at this point I’m lost dont how to get pics to my home computer

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Hi, @twalton4. Probably the easiest way is to email yourself and attach an image (from your phone). Then open up your computer, open that email, and download the image attachment.

Hi my name is Timothy Steward. I just started the class last night I had a quick question is there anyway that I can order purchase a hardcopy of the 111 page they wanted us to download?

Hi, @tsteward. We do not have any course PDFs available as printed books. It’s a free PDF. It’s not required to download or read in order to complete the class. There’s nothing in the PDF that isn’t in the course.

I recommend purchasing the marketing piece to provide to clients from Inspector Outlet which makes the standards easy-to-understand for clients and agents: InterNACHI Buying or Selling Brochure (Pack of 50) – Inspector Outlet

Thank you, will do

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