Student Discussion: Structural Issues for Home Inspectors Course

just finished up the moisture. now onto structural issues for the home. I wonder if moisture has anything to do with it. :grinning: Jeremy PA

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Good Afternoon,

Here I go again on another course!

Good morning!
Been going through the textbook sections and getting ready to inspect the plumbing fixtures in my own guest bathroom.
I expect to find a defect regarding the draining of the sink lol.
Guess I gotta start giving myself a list based on these inspections eh?

Hello everyone! Taking this course are prep for licensing!

Taking this course for pre-licensing!
Question for anyone who has done this before.
My wife and I currently rent a mobile home that is not in the best shape.
Mobile homes were not covered in this particular module and was wondering if there were any particular hints and tips for this, or if I should just go to a friends house who has a basement and I can look for things there.

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Awesome course was bey informative.

Hi Aaron, best bet would be go over to a family/friends place and have a look. Not only does it give them some additional piece of mind knowing things are properly done, but also allows you to better learn in person.