Student inspector

My name is John and I am a student learning the trade. My find was at my first on site training. I know its nothing major but being my first I thought it was cool. I was happy to write up a deficiency on a main switch for the condenser unit. It was unsecured to the wall. I thought that was a big find.

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The on-site training is fun.

I am currently taking the online course and have learned quite a bit. Today I had an opportunity to go on my first home inspection. My instructor is a well seasoned home inspector with many years and inspections under his belt. It was interesting to tag along and see how an experienced inspector moves about the house. He did the clockwise exterior inspection focusing on the big picture then did a counter-clockwise inspection getting into the nitty-gritty of specific elements described in the on-line course. He systematically went through the house from garage to attic, to interior bedrooms etc… Like I said…very informative. I took several notes as we walked to help me as I study and for future inspections. As we walked and talked he pointed out that having a routine is he best way not to miss anything. After each section was completed we returned to the kitchen and posted our finding in Home Gauge.
I look forward to moving along with the course and to observing future inspections. This is going to be a great second career!