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Looking for someone that is studying for their home inspection exam or has passed and would like to be my mentor. My learning style works best with discussions about the topic. I have been struggling learning online. With covid we would only video chat. I live in Oklahoma. Thank you.

So how much are you willing to pay your “educator” to explain and teach you to pass the NHIE?
After all, that is what you are asking a ‘Mentor’ to do!
Time is money!!

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Yes time is money but I do not have money to spare. So I guess mentoring is not what I’m looking for. I am looking for a student that is studying just as I am and needs the support as well.

Hi Sidney, I just passed the national exam before Christmas, so I understand your frustrations completely.

As you may have noticed yourself (depending on how much time you spend on this site), if you are a paid member, members are more open to assisting or helping others. If you’re not a paid member…they let you know to become a member. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what your licensing requirements are in Oklahoma, but don’t think it would change my recommendations much.

With that said, these are my recommendations for you:

  1. Make sure you want to be a home inspector. Watch videos, do research, and know what all is involved. Are you ok with climbing ladders, being in hot attics in the summer, walking on roofs, being stung or bitten by critters, etc. If you decide it’s for you…

  2. Find a Home Inspector mentor (or 3) in your area that is willing to train you. I learned a ton from my mentor during my parallel inspections, and they can/will challenge you during an inspection to explain what you see. My mentor would say things like, “take a look in the main electrical box and tell me what you see”. When I reported back, he would reply, “Anything else?” Sometimes it was just a challenge to be confident in my answer/response, other times I had missed something. These are known as parallel inspections, and yes, usually you are charged for parallels. If OK doesn’t require parallels, I recommend at least 10-30 anyway depending on their interaction with you. Find the one you learn from best and make a proposal.

  3. Join this site. Yes, it is a monetary commitment, but the instructional videos, individual sections, and preparatory test questions are gold when it comes to passing the national test. I do have a friend in CO that said he uses this site to learn from as a non-paid member, but I don’t know what all he has access to. But from my point of view, the “additionals” I receive as a member here are important to me and well worth the cost–access to newsletters I may use as my own, marketing tips, access to pictures/illustrations for your reports, recommended narratives, forums for learning, discounts on software and supplies, etc.

  4. Spend your available time on this site and the mobile test prep until you’re confident to take the test. Pump the videos to 1.5 or 2x’s speed and get through them. Take the quizzes at the end of the sections and repeat them if necessary until you get 100% before moving forward in the section–this way you know you’re learning the correct answer/scenario. Take the timed exams, study the sections again you’re deficient in, and keep taking them until you’re consistently scoring over 80% and passing the tests. The mobile access is specifically test questions–so you can be answering test questions while waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for the kids, riding (not driving :joy:) in the car, etc.

Money is most always a factor. I get that you don’t have money to spare, but when it comes to education, I feel this is very affordable education that will put you in a position to change your situation. How you make that happen is up to you.

I hope this helps. Best wishes to you on your journey.


Thank you so much @mnelson12 Yes I definitely do want to become a home inspector, feel very confident about that. As for finding a mentor around me I’ve reached out to multiple home inspectors in Oklahoma. One of them has actually hired me. But I can not tag along on any of the inspections because I do not have my license yet. I would absolutely love to follow an Inspector around and would pay for that hands-on experience. But I have to pass my exam first.
Are you taking about InterNACHI? Because I am pretty sure I’m paying for an all access membership. I have been taking all the quizzes and sections and repeating them. I have been making 80% and above on every test. I will continue to do so until l pass my exam. I have dedicated the last three months studying. I am a full time student as of right now. That is why I want to reach out and try to connect.

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Correct, I’m talking about InterNACHI–I found the videos, trainings, and prep test questions here very helpful, and found myself on the mobile app answering questions a lot when waiting for anything. If you’re a paid member, you have access to everything. I would continue to focus my time taking the timed tests until you’re in the 80%-90% realm and passing every area every time before taking the national exam again (assuming you’re taking the NHIE exam).

When I first finished my class, our instructor encouraged everyone to take the national exam while the content was fresh–I failed miserably. I then bought test questions and access to CompuCram. I studied CompuCram until I was in the green, and I still failed the second time. 3rd time my mentor encouraged me to look into this site. After studying here for about 20 days and not getting to all the different areas, I missed by 12 points. I studied for another month, taking test after test then going into the lowest percentage results sections from the test and going back through the quizzes in their individual sections. I did this over and over until I felt I knew the concepts of everything, not just the right test answer. I believe I took the prep tests on this site close to 25 times.

The national test is a bear, and gets pricey at $225 each time, especially when you have to take it 4 times! And, having to wait 30 days before eligible to take it again. I spent as much taking the test as I did on the HI training from the school of real estate. Unfortunately this is the best I can give you in my process of passing the test.

There is a guy from my class that still needs to pass the test, and he was asking if I wanted to get together to study, but our schedules never aligned. He’s taken it once so far. I’ll ask if he’s interested in studying with you over Zoom. If so I’ll have you PM me with your direct number. Does that work for you?

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A gold nugget to pick up right there! Thanks, Michael! :smile: