Study study study offline?

In October 2018 I began my journey of becoming a home inspector. I downloaded a few lessons in PDF form to study because the WiFi isn’t great at 35,000 feet. I still have one of them saved for proof. I ended up just doing most of my coursework in hotels at night but as I prepare for my state exam, I would once again like to have some offline study material for these long flights. Where oh where can these PDFs be found? The offline study options were my reason for choosing nachi in the first place. Any help?

Why not download the PDF material to your computer when to take the course? You may need to go back on every course and download each PDF.

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I’m going to betray my ignorance and admit I don’t know how to do what you’re suggesting…I think before there was a link to just “download PDF to my iPad…is there another way?

Brock, in the past (this could’ve changed) you were able to download a study book at each or some NACHI courses… Go to the study/education section, look at the courses, look at the study materials page.

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I’m looking currently and I’m Just not seeing it…Ironic for an inspector amiright…

It’s there Usually it’s just after verification of students identity.

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There it is you found it! Thank you so much Martin this’ll help a lot!

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Your welcome. I keep a PDF of every course I take and when I’m bored I refresh my knowledge with a good read. Comes in handy on inspections as well.


Here in Maryland we have to attend 72 hours of in-person training and pass the NHIExam. I took the course book and literally went chapter by chapter and made flash cards. I also used the Nachi practice exams over and over again. It was very time consuming to do the flash cards but they paid huge dividends. :+1:

Idk what that means…this is the first online forum I have ever been a part of. Not privy to the lingo…