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RED BOX Comment from a member?

"This is not what HOME INSPECTORS DO.

Do you not understand that yet.

How many times do you have to be banned to stay away for good?

How are you going to insult home inspectors this time?"

Sorry for insulting you whoever you are?

Grounding and bonding correspondence course Part 1 - 4 hours credit
Grounding and bonding correspondence course Part 2 - 4 hours credit
2005 electrical code-change correspondence course - 8 hours credit


Thank you for the information! A person can never learn to much nor will they ever learn everything. All we can do is take advantage of the assistance of people such as yourself who are willing to elevate our level of knowledge with your contributions.

As for the child who wrote that comment to you I certainly would not concern myself with them. It is individuals such as that who stumble through life, and their careers, on the coat tails of others.

Please keep providing more information as more knowledge is never enough!


Thanks for the info.

Whoever gave you the red box is a moron.

Joe… could you explain what is wrong with slack in a junction box.

Nothing is wrong, when there is a “loop” in each wire it must be counted as 2 x 6 inches, and then each wire is counted as two wires.

This is a change that will recognize a long standing method of avoiding a splice, but instead allow the wires to be bent around a terminal screw of a device such as a receptacle.

I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with info on commercial inspections being posted here, isn’t Nick doing a lot on Commercial inspections.If someone wants to be limited to Home inspections only, then fine, but don’t criticize others who wish to broaden their services. Sheesh! :roll:

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