It doesn’t happen often but what the heck is this thing?

I would guess a fancy cable splitter. Was it a multiple family home by chance?

Interesting Mike, wireless internet or cell repeater?
I know, a guess is no help…

Thanks but nope. Single family.

I do think it is TV or internet related because of the RG6U cable coming off the bottom.

There was a roof top dish on the extreme other end of the rambler roof.

Looks like it is related to the dish family given its mountin brackets, hardware and coaxial wiring.

Sent the photo to my DISH guy.

It’s an LTE antennae to provide wireless internet from Verizon.

Much more here:

What are you a rookie.of course that is what it is I don’t know too many CMI’s that would not know that. Sure is not a rain catcher. LOL

So let me get this straight.

You wait until the answer is given and proved and THEN you chime in over 2 hours later?

You indeed are dishonorable at best and a liar at worst.

I have trouble keeping up with everything. You are just on the list and need to wait your turn.
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I will say that is good pic you put up but I seamed to have trouble doing that on my Samsung Mega fast enough.

Get off my thread.

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You seldom do.

Well you could learn allot Michael but your glued eyes to the MB prevents this.

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