Stupid Mounting Location

This panel has not one but two lawn irrigation timers installed on the cover. Why would they do this when there is all kinds of real estate on the wall the panel is mounted on?


pure ignorance comes to mind Tab…

I will tell you, it was a pain in the butt to take the cover off !

I probably wouldn’t have just to make my point and recommended having it inspected by an electrician due to illegal, illogical and unsafe modications. Some people have to pay in order to learn life’s lessons.

Man, you guys find the coolest stuff! :mrgreen:

This one is classic!

Hey whats wrong with saving money.
That wire cost about 10 cents a foot you know.

That panel is also not weather protected/rated for exterior usagae
Appears to be an exterior stucco wall but maybe not

Barry, The panel is protected by a patio cover, which was not installed properly, but that’s another post!

Electrical stuff goes here… OK…

Mama said life was like a Box of CHocotales~

I gave you a greenie for the effort… lol