Stupid Question of the Day

What’s the N stand for in Nachi? I get the part about InterNachi where the N would be part of the InterNational but then I see,

Then I see the Alberta chapter called AbertaNachi and the Ontario chapter called OntarioAchi. One has the N, the other doesn’t.

Does it stand for Nick? Just kidding :smiley: and thanks in advance.


I can only answer for InterNACHI. InterNACHI is the combination of our name abbreviated: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (We’re now in 65 countries and multiple languages) and our domain name which is

I think and works also, as well as a zillion others such as

We own so many domains and website covertly that I can’t even keep track of them anymore. A bunch are listed in

I thought the N was for National and NAHI got mad about it.

Thanks Nick, but if someone ask me, what does NACHI stand for what should I say about the N like in Should I say that since the full name is InterNachi, the N was adopted as part of the Nachi name to make it more pronounceable?

Alberta Nachi and Ontario Achi are both InterNachi chapters, one has the N, the other one doesn’t.

I’m sorry if I’m making this question sound even more stupid.


Yeah, they got mad at all their members getting confused and calling them on the phone to access and finding out that they joined the wrong association. LOL!

But actually, we started the process to go to InterNACHI about 2 years earlier with an InterNACHI logo contest on this message board, incorporation, trademark filings, etc. I just dragged it out to torment them (and cost them money) while we were ramping up to expand all over the world. Also, the word “national” generally means U.S. only and so it didn’t work for us. Also the translation of the word “national” has a negative connotation in many other countries.

I can’t speak for other associations like Alberta or Ontario but N is just the first letter in our domain name, not our name. We are InterNACHI. Our domain name is

Anyway, we are now in 65 countries and multiple languages. We ended up being the first trade association (in any industry) in human history to wrap around the globe.

Thanks Nick, it’s all clear now.

The Alberta chapter has changed to AlbertaACHI. The “N” was a carryover from I’m not sure when…
Check out AlbertaACHI’s website (still under construction) here:

No, it’s not!

Disclaimer: I am an Inspector Member, NOT InterNACHI Staff, so I can tell the truth without repercussions from NAHI…

(Repercussions from Nick is another story) :shock:

Before Nick got his a-s-s handed to him in a lawsuit, this organization was named NACHI… National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Part of the lawsuit now prevents Nick from even the mere mention of the word NACHI. InterNACHI was born. The court allowed the domain name and use (by members ONLY) of the NACHI name due to the exorbitant $$$ it would cost to change it by all members who had it in their advertising, etc.

SO… the short story… NACHI no longer exists as an HI Association. It has been DEAD for years.

If in the very slim chance someone actually asks you… “Who or what is NACHI”?, my reply would be… "That was who we were, when we were still small potatoes on a National level. We are now an international organization, thus the name InterNACHI… International Association of Certified Home Inspectors!

There is a lot more to it than that, but that should be what you need to handle the situation.

Thanks for explaining it all. Now it’s a lot clearer.

No problem.
And just to be clear since you are in BC and may not be aware of the acronymys…

NAHI = National Association of Home Inspectors
NACHI= National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Now ! I feel better…LOL