stupid question

ok. this is a stupid one, but i can’t find an answer so i’ll ask here

1- the canadian gouv. recongnize the CMI logo, ok this i get. does it also recognize any other associations or logos


2-it does not matter the association you belong too, if you have that CMI you are recognized by the Federal gouv.

thx in advance


Logo’s are trademaked so that no one else can use them.

It has nothing to do with its purpose being recognized by our government.

Dr. S&M (Spin & Mislead) tried to imply that the trademark “CMI” was recognized by Canadian “authorities”…The trademark office cannot recognize anyone in the home inspection field based on their training, experience and certifcation but only protects the “CMI” designation to those allowed to use it through MICB…they don’t care what CMI means or implies…period!

If you wanted to think up a new designation of say “Certified New Home Inspector” and trademark it for your own use, you could do it through the Trademark office of the federal government (if that designation wasn’t already trademark protected by someone already). It’s just that simple…no training in new home inspection required!!

hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok!

It is better recoginised then any other LOGO .

Clients love it and those Home Inspectors who have it are very happy .
I am sure you read the Qualifications total of 1,000 hours /Inspections.

There seems to be a few who are slamming the system , I just they are jealious and do not want to admit how well the CMI Trade Mark works.


There are INACHI members who slam the CMI designation. Just 7 days ago on these boards…

“I have the master inspector designation and I feel 1000 inspections should not qualify me as a master.”

The poster had earlier suggested 5000+ inspections should the standard for Master Inspector.

Others have called the CMI a “marketing gimmick” only…leading the public on to believe you have a way more experience and knowledge than you actually do!! Remember…these were INACHI members.

At least 10 years in the field and 2500 inspections would be a good starting point…not simply 3 years in the field and hours of CE instruction + inspections adding to 1000…

MORE S&M…being taught by the Dr.

I have both and when I say to the client I am a CMI their eyes Light up . It works and we did an inspection in Kingston and the First thing the agent asked are you people CMIs and she looked for the Crest and said Great I was sure you where ,I am Happy now .
Too bad NACHI is the greatest but it too has a few who are just a little dissatisfied .
If you have the time take a look at OAHI RHIs and you will see many are also CMIs . They also know how much better it is the RHI .

Roy Cooke RHI/CMI ,…I can use both and you can use neither.
WE also have three in our Company who are RHI/CMI

These folks obviously have no idea about the HI industry. Over time, they will see the S&M that is being foisted on them!

As you have run down OAHI and RHI in the past when the Grow Ops program was in the news, why are you bragging it up now??

Gee I must be out of step I thought Grow Ops where still in the news ,thanks for the upgrade.
Brian please go back and read slow so it sinks in a bit .
I have run down the OAHI directors as they have not and are not doing things correctly .
I just might know a little more then you on How things are in the Ontario Home Inspection industry .
I am not like you Mr. Know every thing in an instant.
What have you done for the home Inspection industry in the last 10 years.
Brian do you ever have any thing nice to say .

Gather up all the professional designations, association logos, government licenses, membership levels, and certifications you can find. Lay them all out on your Aunt Wilma’s dining room table. Ask her which one she thinks belongs to the very best inspector.

You’ll get the same answer everyone else gets when they do this market research.

Certified Master Inspector… Even Aunt Wilma recognizes it’s the best.

MY aunt Wilma was a lot smarter then Many people I know .

Come on, Nick your smarter members with personal integrity know the difference, state it and question the CMI designation… A MARKETING GIMMICK being thrown at a not so savvy public…you know this and have no respect for the end user. At three years experience and the 1000 “points”, an HI is still a newbie (and one of the lucky 10% to still be in business).

BTW, would this place survive without the flow through of the other 90% of wannabe newbies?..I don’t think so!! I checked on a older thread where one of the members defended you and NACHI, railed at myself and Mark Shunk (a former non-member great poster)…checked the HI register…he’s no longer a member!!! Typical!!

Gee Bill Mullen said he wanted to be taken off the CMI list .
I guess you finally got your Friend?Bill so upset he resigned from NACHI and CMI too.
Just as well, he never did get the NACHI name on his web site even after stating he would three times .
Members like him do not like to stay with NACHI ,especially when he complains about Nick and NACHI so much.
Most CMIs do apprecite the CMI very much and know how much it adds to our business .!!!

Brian, one of the purposes of any professional designation is… marketing. This is news to you?
Certified Master Inspector* is the inspection industry’s highest professional designation. Ask your Aunt Wilma.

Say what you want… CMI works.

…whether they are truly a master at HI or not. Some of the questions asked by the newer CMI’s here definitely indicate that they are far from being masters!! At the rate they appear to be increasing, CMI’s will be soon competing with CMI’s.

Good ole NACHI…

“Brothers helping brothers compete against brothers”… so Nick can make some $$$$$$… and they might be able to stay in business longer than a year or two!

CMI has no annual dues. There are only about 400 in the world, and you aren’t one of them.

Unfortunatly not all Home Inspectors can be like Brian Mac Neish and be a know it all .
Some of us at times see new things never seen before.
Yes they might even seem to be confused with the way they explain it .
So what is it my or your job to denie them the chance to improve them selves .
I am sure glad I live my life they way I do and try where possible to help all.
I do get upset with those who choose to belittle so many people and try to be the big shot all the time.
Not needed in this industry .
Many like me do not have the education that you and others might have, But I am very satisfied and expect others are too with their methods .
Carry on Brian we need people like you to show us how not too behave .

squawking seagull.jpg

I agree Roy, Brian comes on a little strong at times and he does makes sense other times depending on the subject. But most of the time he comes on making others feel inferior which is not good for an Association trying to help all.

This Association is the biggest and is all so the biggest in providing educational courses and help to make us all better home inspectors.

I became a CMI because of the school of hard Knox and thousands of hours spent with US Government Inspections 25 years ago.
I would not be where I am today, without the help of my constituents of this Organization and the help they can provide.
Stop, Look, and Listen, has different meanings to me than most that think it is because it is a train crossing.
It could be that the minute you think you know it all like Brian, someone new to the Association has come along and taught you something new.

One is never to old to learn something new. And no one knows it all.
It is how it is conveyed, and how it it appreciated that someone just showed you something you never saw before.

We all come from different geographic areas and everybody was taught or learned in different ways. What works for one, might not for the other.

It appears that the ones bashing and non-members are always here for a reason, either to learn themselves, take advantage of all the free education courses, or try to prove to others that they are king of Home Inspections.
Visit one of the message boards of I. News and see what I mean. You can’t get a word in without being corrected by something out of a text book.
Text books are a great recourse, but after 45 years in building construction like myself, they are not always correct due to field variables that are not thought of or compensated for.

The key to success is to work together and share the experience to make you a better Home Inspector.
Together as a team we become stronger and better.
By yourself, you fall down and stay down, because there will be no one to help you up.

I am proud to display my Logo for CMI, I worked for it and earned it as others did.
Doesn’t mean we are the best, we are the best and will be on our way to be the best of the best by helping each other as a team.

Remember that. :slight_smile:

Good post Marcel.

I’d hire the inspector who regularly asks questions, any day.


With the standards so low, I would not accept one if given to me!! Listen to the few smart members who have ridiculed or spoken against it!

ps…Granted there are HI’s that have 8-10+ years in the HI business and over 3-4,000 inspections that would live up to that title but 3 years…give me a break!