Styrofoam exterior coating (posted by Klaus Proehl)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Klaus Proehl (from Burnsville, MN). [/ASKNACHI]I currently have 2” Styrofoam on the outside of my basement walls, it has been there a little too long. I can take care of the UV damaged areas but with what can I use to fill the holes made by woodpeckers? The second question is? What is a good covering for the foam to protect it from further degradation by UV? Is there a good trowel on or brush on product available? Maybe the question should be; is there a decent book available that covers answers to these seemingly common questions about the use of Styrofoam?

Great stuff.

Then rasp it flat.

Cover it with EIFS mesh and basecoat and finish.

I am not saying it is to MFGRS. specs but it will protect it.

If it is where no moisture can get behind it from the top side.

Do you have a couple pictures?

Dryvit system works too.