I know there have been past discussions on this stuff, but I would think it would make a great fire…


The heavy black smoke trail helps the fire dept locate the house

Hey Sean was it Perlite?

looks like blown loose fill fg commonly seen, here
any close ups

whenever encountering uncertain insul
i take a small sample and try to ignite outside the property

I believe it is blown insulation as well.

I usually find improper depth for R-value, non-IC rating on cans, and blocked soffit vents.

You guys must think I am really stupid. I am pretty sure I know what fiberglass and styrofoam looks like since I am in it every day.

It was ground up styrofoam…

It wasn’t perlite either (Wayne your a butthole)

I would make sure to tell all in case of fire extremely hazardous …; Roy

Fiber Glass…regardless of Wayne’s status…

Butt Hole? Someone will standing in the corner tonight. lol