Sub agreements

Does anyone get some push back when having a special consultant come in for various trades to sign a sub agreement ? I’m talking inspections in areas where you don’t normally work and don’t know any local trades…

Greg, There have been times when I have called a specialist to help me in a complicated inspection. I’ve called a licensed electrician, an HVAC specialist, and a licensed plumber at least once each. But I did not have a signed agreement with those specialists. Instead we just agreed the cost, and I wrote them a check at the time of their services. They probably charged me a bit extra to do the work on my terms, not theirs, and extra to be punctual, fast, and provide a written description of their findings. I’m ok with paying that bit extra, it was definitely worth it to me. Sorry I don’t really know about what it takes to have a written agreement with a specialist. But I do know that there are samples of such agreements in the Documents section of the InterNACHI website. Hope that helps

The key is to find a sub or an expert who is good at what they do and will sign the agreement. You have to protect yourself and your client. This will do so. In many cases I just add the sub’s report directly to mine as an addendum or appendix. It really boosts up the credibility of the report.

If they do not wish to sign I will look for another vendor.