Sub-contract Radon Testing Q's

For those of you who use sub-contractors. What type of Radon Inspection Agreement is needed if I am planning to sub out Radon Testing services to a specialty company? Since they are licensed, do I just use their agreement? Want it to look integrated into my business if possible. Also, do I need to add Radon to my E&O?
Thanks for any advice.

Start by checking with your state’s radon office. Make sure that the radon tester is operating legally. Also, make sure that the radon tester is going to retrieve the testing devices. I’ve been reading lately about the retrieval being left to the buyers, real estate agent or even sellers. And another to consider, do you want to sub. to another home inspector who tests for radon and is also your competitor?

why not sub to another inspector who does Radon? You would have already gotten the client, and speaking as an Inspector who is also licensed for radon measurement- i often know and speak highly of the inspector who referred me and i will disclose or keep silent about my Home Inspector status. Why should i try to steal a client?

In any case i always set up and pick up. Only a licensed individual should be picking up- if not i would invalidate the measurement. As far as radon agreement being used, the best advice i can offer is if the client DOES NOT want a radon measurement, have them sign a waiver. other than that- the radon measurement should be performed according to protocols- not much room for problems if your sub does it the right, legal way.

also depends on devices used and variables
here is a link to the INTERNACHI radon agreement.