Hello there,
I have a question that pertains to subcontracting. I am new to the home inspection business and will potentially be doing inspections for other firms. Can someone give me a scenario on how this will work when it comes to the business aspect. The fee for the inspection will be split in half. With that being said, will each be responsible for their own taxes, who’s inspection report should be utilized, and which companies apparel should be worn. My vehicle is lettered with my company information, would this pose a problem. I’m sure everyone will have a different outlook for this and I appreciate any input I can gather.

Thank you, John

These are questions you should be asking of the company you are subcontracting to.

You are correct Frank, which I intend to do. I’m just looking for a different point of view from some professionals out there. Just so I have some ideas when approaching the subject.

50/50 split is a bit lopsided…don’t you think?
Better arrangements for you should be negotiated or we are all looking at a pay cut in 2015.

50/50 is more than fair.

I agree with Frank. You just need to ask these things of the company is contracting you.

It doesn’t really matter what any of us think. It’s your deal to negotiate what works for you, and what you think is fair. You’re going to get opinions all over the board here.

where are you located?

I’m located in Maryland.