Sub-floor structure and insulation covered

Why would someone install plywood in some areas and some sort of thermal reflective barrier in other areas of the sub-floor of a crawl space? There were some openings from which I could confirm the presence of fiberglass batt insulation. This is totally unorthodox in this area of the country and I don’t like it because it conceals the structure from inspection for possible defects. Other than that, is there a downside to having it installed? Would you recommend its removal?

101209 177.JPG

101209 177.JPG

Here Joe if it helps.


So, Marcel, you’re fine with it?

Hi Joe,

Looks like a waste of the “Product” if in fact it works like they claim…I see it once in a while here in AZ (attics)…supposed to “Reflect Heat”…my IR Thermometer seems to beg to differ with the product data information— :wink:

Why is the one joist painted gray? That would suggest that it was fire damaged. Unless of course my eyes are playing tricks on me again.

I didn’t actually inspect this house. I was there < 5 minutes looking at it generally for a past client. I didn’t notice the gray beam.

I do not think lack of viewing pleasure is enough to recommend removal any more than I would suggest taking down all the drywall in a finished basement.

Unable to inspect. Visual inspection only, no invasive or destructive methods, etc. etc.

Joe, I don’t really see anything wrong with it, but sure there might be pros and cons in Building science in doing it that way.
It could depend on the surrounding conditions also to establish if it could be a problem or not.
I have seen it occaissionally up here. It is a vapor retarder as well as an insulator. :slight_smile: