Sub panel? or Disconnect... need feedback

Looking for info on the sub-panel next to main panel. It was locked.

What’s your question?

What do you think the sub panel feeds ? Or is it
a disconnect…?.( breaker )

It appears to be a disconnect for something - but not for the service equipment. There may be a simple pull-out, or a fuse block.

Could you determine what the wiring headed to it looked like when you removed the panel cover under the meter?

I’d Report:
Padlocked electrical box apearantly connected to Main Panel. Unable to access or evaluate. Use and function unknown. Recommend evaluation by licensed electrical contractor

Thanks Jeff

Looks like a disconnect to me. Did those 90° elbows have removable covers or are they plumbing fittings?

They do look like plumbing fittings don’t they.

Yes they do from the photo but I didn’t want to leave anything to a guess. If they are pluming fittings then that should be in the report as well. Even the raceway might be plumbing pipe. In that case it should all be replaced as it’s not listed as an electrical raceway.


Is that conduit (reddish color coming out of the panel) what does that feed and where does it go?