Sub-panel Question

My reporting system (AHIT) has a couple of ticky box yes/no items and I’m not sure I know the distinction.
One says “neutral/ground separated” and the other says “neutral isolated”.
What are they getting at?

Sub-panels must have a bonded ground bus and a floating neutral bus. That is, the neutral bus must contain only neutrals and must not be bonded to the cabinet.

Yes but how are the two questions different?

Not sure about the meaning of the questions. Not familiar with your software. Sorry.

What are they getting at? They are asking about remote distribution panels (sub panels).

“neutral/ground separated” (***from each other)***.

“neutral isolated” (***from the panel board)***.

I would get rid of the AHIT paper or computer report system and use one you can create yourself like HIP. (Home Inspector Pro)

I used to use AHIT and I found it “user unfriendly”

In the main distribution panel the neutral/ground should be separated (on different bus but not isolated) while in a sub-panel the neutral should be isolated (from ground/cabinet).

Does that make sense?

The neutrals and grounds can be separated (on separate bars), but the neutral may not necessarily be isolated (from the panel’s metal) unless the proper steps were taken. Thus, two check boxes.

Maybe it is for Canadian inspectors. I think I read on this board once that it is a Canadian requirement that neutrals and grounds must be installed on separate buses in the main panel. This is not a requirement in the US, and 99% of the main panels I inspect have the neutrals and grounds installed on the same bus bar(s).

No, that is not correct. The neutrals and grounds do not have to be on separate buses in the main panel.


Different country, different rules; rule 10-210(1)(b)…