Sub-panel quiz.

Spot the boo-boo on yesterdays sub-panel inspection.

Here’s a close up to give you a better clue

I am not familiar with Canadian panels, but neutral to case bond still left in place?

Bonding screw not removed.

Clue: Does it matter either way in this case?

Clue: I’ll “feed” you the same clue as before.

I think I know what you are getting at, but metal conduit is permitted to be a ground (bond in Canada).

Martin, I think you got it.

However in this case the conduit entered the main shut-off (fused) via a PVC conduit connector. (If I showed that too it would have been too easy.)

The fact that this panel itself wasn’t bonded to ground, and the neutral/ground bonding was still in place (first-two comments) this made this panel somewhat of a hazard.

The strange thing is, in the main panel-board, also fed by Metal conduit, also connected to main shut-off via PVC they had run a bonding jumper.

(They then built a basement bathroom around the panels so the panels all now reside in the bathroom, but that’s a horse of a different color)

What is the point of showing an incomplete picture and then asking someone to try and figure out what is wrong? That is like saying your car runs rough and showing the trunk.

Where is the bond screw? Is it not required to be green in Canada like in the NEC?

OK, next time I’ll post the answer first and then give the quiz. It was supposed to be an exercise in critical thinking, not thinking critically.:smiley:

Where does it say the screw for the Neutral bonding in the panel has to be green? Could you point out the paragraph please? I appear to have missed that bit.

Sure. As noted before I don’t see where that neutral bar is bonded unless this panel is for use as service equipment only where it would be permanently bonded by the manufacturer.

You totally missed the point. How was someone supposed to discern something that was was out of the picture? Anything could have been happening outside the picture including a politician telling the truth, but without anything to go on the question was irrelevant.

So based on the two photo’s in the OP what are the issues?