Sub panel with installed bonding strap

Inspected a brand new build with a 100 amp Cutler Hammer sub panel. It was installed with a 4-wire feeder. The ground and neutral conductors were separated, however, there was a bonding strap attached to the ground conductors. Correct me if I am wrong, but the bonding strap should removed in this sub panel.

The bonding strap here is required.

Based on the photo, it appears that the neutrals are isolated, and the grounding conductors are bonded to the panel as required.

The bonding strap Must be there to bond the EGC’s to the panel.

All looks good from here.

Thanks. Totally understand now.

How do all of those NM cables enter the panel?

Looks like, through the chase nipple in the lower right corner.

I figured either a large SE cable connector or a chase nipple. Either one of those would not be code compliant.

I had to go and re-read the exception in 312.5©.
You are right – this is not compliant:

*“Cables with entirely nonmetallic sheaths shall
be permitted to enter the top of a surface-mounted enclosure through one or more nonflexible raceways…” *
This one enters from the BACK, so no bueno.

If this was ever inspected, the inspector may have passed it based on the fact that there is no real reason why entering the back of the panel won’t be as good as the top, but without knowing that, we have to call it out based on 312.5©

That method seems to be commonly used where exterior panels are used. I don’t know how it gets approved.

Bonding of the can is required on all panels. As long as the bonding strap comes from a ground bar or a ground bar is directly screwed into the metal pan its considered to code. The neutral, however, in all cases must be floating and if the panel is a main panel a bond jumper must also be present from the neutral bar to the can. Again the neutral jumper is only for main panels. In all other panels it is the ground bar and the neutral must be floating.

Grounding and bonding wise this panel is ok.