Sub Panel

This was a sub panel for a guest house that was above a garage.

Fused neutral??

Not sure. what do you think?

Yep, fused neutral. No good.

What makes it “fused neutral”

Well, the white wire (neutral/grounded conductor) is connected to a fuse.

Back in the 20’s and early 30’s, fused neutrals were relatively common. Codes changed after it was discovered that a fused neutral can present a serious safety hazard.

When the fuse on the neutral blows, it gives the false impression that the circuit is not energized, when in fact, it’s just waiting to bite you.

Thanks Jeff

I will keep that in mind

Was some of the wiring knob and tube?

No i dont believe so

Not to mention an open neutral on a MWBC will allow the voltage to divide on the two circuits based on the resistance of those circuits. Might be saying good bye to a lot of sensitive electronic equipment if that neutral fuse blows.

Exactly and trying to explain this to an amateur electrician that twin taps on Neutrals could lead to a lot more damage then twin taps on a breaker is hard .
That is also a 3 phase disconect not allowed in a Home system.
Also twin tapps .
It is just bad and needs immediate repair by a qualified person.

To the best of my knowledge, most 3 phase disconnects can be used for single phase loads.

Could be a Canadian thing. You are right…you would just have a set of lugs not being used.