Submitting essay picture jpeg

guys the size of the picture is 999kb it should be ok because am allow to go up to 10 mb. i am trying different size the same pict but nothing. someboby help me please.

Who says you can go up to 10MB?
InterNachi has NEVER allowed that high. Usually less than 250KB.
Also, if you are not an InterNachi Member, you may not be allowed to post ANY photos!

Don’t sweat it. The essay is B.S. Nobody ever looks at it. It’s busy work. You can post a picture of your dog.


Try resizing your image so it’s smaller than 2000 pixels wide - the issue is probably that the dimensions are too big even if the file size is OK.

Chuck, we do have staff checking essays every day and rejecting anything inappropriate or incorrect. Credit is immediately taken away for that course until a new essay is submitted and approved - we built a whole interface to help our education team to easily review them.

Then you missed a boatload of crap that I posted over the years begging someone to reject it. Never a single comment.

You can’t prove your claim by me.

If you’re talking about years ago, it is possible that some got by. We receive around 3-400 essays a day, but in the last year we’ve increased ways to flag incorrect essays - for instance, we automatically detect language, writing grade level, and gibberish - and staff checks those before the credits are sent to the state. We’re also training a machine learning system to recognize off-topic essays (but that takes a lot of data before it will be ready to go live). We’re constantly improving our education system!

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How many years ago? How do you vet these again?

Like I said, you can post a picture of your dog.

How to meet word count minimums

On a more serious note, I submit this one and the six posts immediately below.


For one, your fox/dog writing assignment was hilarious. Second, on the first few courses I took I sent screen shots of quite a few horrible grammatical erros and terrible spelling. Even some of the exam questions at the end were so poorly written and some answers were outrageous. Sent those too. At the end of every course there’s that evaluation questionnaire, I fill it out and always point out if there’s something wrong. It’s been a while, but when it comes across I’ll be filling her out.

Those are all examples of what we’re feeding into our machine learning system - once it has enough data, it will be able to catch essays like that. The current review system for essays started about a year ago.

Obviously you have work to do. These posts should be human vetted as claimed.

Not to mention the courses/quiz themselves need to be proofread by someone that DID NOT write the course/quiz!! I am currently taking the Commercial Electrical course, and the very first section, the very first quiz has a glaring mistake! Dan does a great job teaching the course, and he just got done explaining about a ‘component’, and the quiz has it exactly b-ass-ackwards… and marked ME wrong for answering the question for the exact way it is worded!!! And yes, there are other examples of such mistakes. These courses are great, but the quiz’s suk!!

Jeffrey -

Any time you see an error, write us at so we can fix it.

Like Chuck, I have written and commented until I was blue in the face.
Unlike Chuck, I don’t save useless correspondance… when I’m done, I’m done.
Life’s too short to do others jobs.
(Kinda like wannabe inspectors that won’t perform their own research and utilize the search feature of this MB!!)

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Kinda like wannabe inspectors that won’t perform their own research and utilize the search feature of this MB!!