Submitting the 4 mock inspections

Hello everyone, I hope that I am posting this in the right place, I have been trying to submit my 4 mock inspections and I am using a great software that has all 4 inspections and I have it in pdf format but I can not figure out how to submit them? The checklist thing is basically making me redo the entire 4 inspections and I was hoping that there is an easier way, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

Do the checklist. Just trust me on this one. Something big is coming and you won’t benefit from it unless you do the checklist.

Thank you!

I’ve trusted you since day 1 and you never dissapoint.

Not to biggie-back on this one, but I have a question regarding the Mock Inspections. I’ve done the first of 4 using the check-list and submitted it. How do I know INTERNACHI has it? 3 more to go!

You’ll be invisible on our inspector search sites if we didn’t receive them. Our systems will auto-alert you to anything you are ever missing.