Subpanel code distance from main panel

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David, are you doing a “Home Inspection” or is this an “Electrical Inspection”? Reason I ask, is when doing a Home Inspection we are not empowered to make “Code Calls”, unless you are a Master Certified Licensed Electrician and even if that is a fact, you may be getting paid to just do a Home Inspection. Citing CODES could open a can of worms and expose your liabilities in a court of law. I recommend and personally limit myself to “Note and Recommend Further Inspection by a Licensed Master Electrician.

P.S. I am an Electrical Engineer (BSEE) myself and I try to stick to the State Minimum Standards of Home Inspections and I use InterNACHI Guidelines as my North Star.


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If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find some code somewhere. However, you came to an inspector’s forum. We aren’t code compliance inspectors so you are in the wrong place.

If you have an electrical question pertaining to home inspections, I’d be happy to help you.

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This is a relatively new ‘trade’ for me (as a Home Inspector). With over 35 years (you do want to know how old I am :upside_down_face:) as a Field Engineer >> Project Mgr. >> Operations Mgr…) it is difficult for me to stay within my new role as a ‘simple happy Inspector’. The temptation to show-off, to impress those on the work site… to let them know how much do I know…! how much I learned from a large crew of field engineers in 20 countries… the “good and the bad”…!! i.e. that the best deep cleaning for a 25 Mega Watt GE Turbine is to throw a bucket of diluted cloth detergent into its intake on idle…!

But my Home Inspection Instructor was an 82 year old guy that taught me to keep my elbows close to my belt and walk the site to “observe, note & report” … get your check and look for a good restaurant on the way home. Paul added, “If you want to come back to the site as an engineer, you need to get paid as one” and “never put in writing in you Home Inspection Report a reference you a CODE”.

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Damn. That sure stinks for the people that are paying you.

Sounds like Paul Platt.

He is Paul Platt, there is only “one”…! :face_with_monocle::slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it’s a small world! :grinning: Where abouts are you located?

David, are you doing this work yourself? Looks like you’ve ripped out the 4 11/16 box.

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That whole setup is a fail.

Which part?

If panel on the left is the sub-panel needs to be 4 wire. With isolated neutral.
That 4-11/16 box way undersized.

Yup and it does have 4 conductors.

Yep I see it now, had to zoom in.