SubPanel Grounding and 2-200A meters?

Check out these photos. Is the subpanel supposed to be grounded? Yeah I’m still a little wet behind the ears. I think this is my 15th Inspection… And this house has 2-200 Amp meters and 4 wires coming in? Do I classify that as 400 Amp? The breakers added up to 375 with the sub panel. Help…The full photo is the main breaker. The one up close is the subpanel. It was ran from a 120 amp breaker from the main to the subpanel. What is the rule on subpanels and grounding?





There is few code voliations there and i really recomned have a electrician come out and get this matter taken care of it.

Merci, Marc

I’m curious to know what makes you believe that you’re dealing with a subpanel here? Are there some missing photos?

The picture on the right is of the subpanel. The bus bar at the bottom. The third picture from the right is the main panel. If you look at the picture and the first double pole breaker from the bottom on the left is where the subpanel is tapped from. It is two 60A breakers.