Substitute for Kansas HB 2315

New substitute for the ammended for the formerly presented HB 2315. I think it speaks for itself. We, as an inspection industry, are being attacked by someone or by some special interest group, or groups, who want our industry stopped. I am just totally frustrated, and do not know where to go from here.

As I am reading your bill, it would appear that your ASHI counterparts in Kansas who were behind the original bill will be in opposition to this, as well. Have you heard anything from them?

No. I never have been a member of ASHI, or any other home inspection orginization, and just joined NACHI last month. I have been an inspector for 7 years, with over 2,000 inspections, and never an issue. This is all new to me. I sent e-mails this morning to my senator, and the govenor of Kansas. I will not post the e-mail here, but I did send a copy to Nick G.

The KAR is lobbying their members to send letters in support of this bill. You may want to send the following to every RE salesman you have an address for. Feel free to use my signature on it if you want to distance yourself, a bit, from the acidity of the message.

Maybe we can turn the tide and actually get a few sellers to object to this bill.

If the KAR were Microsoft, the Department of Justice would already be on it.

Bill passed by committe today 39-0. I am screwed with this new bill.

Time to begin lobbying the governor for a veto.

KAR has bought the Kansas congress. Have they bought the governor, too? That would the the question to ask him.

Thank you ASHI bozos.

I heard KS governoress or husband may be attorney. Wonder if thats true.

Well the ASHI group (dba KAREI - KS Association of RE Inspectors) worked hard with the Realtors and Trial Attorneys to get a Bill, so I guess we ought to congratulate them on getting their wish. No use being sore losers.

AND like JB posted, the KAR basically bought a Bill. If someone can tell me how to attach a pdf to this I’ll post a few of their shenanigans with the legislators.

Why of course he is, long time. Probably has barrels of cash on hand already supplied by KAR and the trial attorney’s


The Kansas Senate changed it and voted it out of committee on 4/3/08.

They kicked it back to the House of Reps. They didn’t go with thew changes. They “Non-Concured” with it on 4/04/08.

This now puts it into a special committee (probably 3 Reps & 3 Senators) that will be probably argued next week to try and iron out the wiggles.

I’m told that one of the reasons that the House nixed the Senate Substitute Bill was that someone on the House of Rep Committee wanted a REALTOR either on the Board or in a Oversight position - AND, the Senate had put the revised Bill under the Secretary of State (no Realtor to Supervise Us).

Seems somebody on the House Committe was a Realtor, but I can’t remember who. I guess no REALTOR to oversee us did not set well with the Realtors at KAR - darn!!!

The revised bill also has omitted the “board” in which your ASHI presidents who helped write and support the bill were promised seats by the KAR.

With both of these groups opposing it in the House…dare we say it…it could die there.

Kansas real estate salesmen are looking for a bill like Texas, that will put real estate salespeople directly over home inspectors. They didn’t get it and if this passes, they will never get it.

If they oppose it for no other reason than their inability to control…the conflict of interest angle will be there to present every year with every new attempt. They are about to show, for the record, what we have been saying all along.

I have several scanned pdf’s of letters the Kansas Realtors Lobbyist sent to the legislators talking about how they were looking for legislators to support and their legislative goals, etc. If someone can tell me how to put them on the site I’ll try.

Instead, why not send them to your local media with a *brief *note as to how ---- getting all of the consumer protection they asked for ------- the salesmen are objecting to a bill that does not place them on a board overseeing the outcome of the home inspection that could make or break their deal?

It’s a good story. Someone should pick it up.

Kick up the dirt and spread the chaos. It kills bills.

Local Topeka TV station news e-mail address.

Hey Dan:

Brunk is on the House of Reps committee. He is a real estate/broker.
Barone is on the Senate committee. He is a small business owner. I remember seeing Brunk at the first house hearing back in Feburary. Maybe he is the pusher. See his bio at, see 2008 legislative box, and click on house, then see roster list. You can click on the names and get a ton of personal info on each member. Some of their normal jobs are interesting.

Keep in mind the media is our friend. They are against anybody with a bad reputation (Realtors), mainly because it makes a good believable story.

Dan try clicking the large POST REPLY button. Look for the paper clip( attach icon ), click then browse for your pdf’s and attach