Substitute to Georgia HB 1217

I am new to the Home Inspection field, but whenever I hear, " This is the
government and we’re here to help," I can be sure of three things.

  1. The bureaucrats have been quite busy.

  2. There is indeed a large rock under which they can all comfortably

  3. They know what’s best for me and it will take more of my money to prove

My trusty BS meter crashed into the danger zone as I read the Georgia Senate Substitute to House Bill 1217 regarding my state’s Home Inspection industry. This is a great forum, so any suggestions on what can be done? Or is it a case of Katy not barring the gate?

Link to GA HB 1217:


There are home inspectors in Georgia that are heavily counting on this bill to become law and to thin out their competition. They are ignorant of the history of HI legislation which has consistently provided the exact opposite effect.

Right on James,
My research has also shown that some Home Inspection associations have pushed for this law in Georgia. But there has been no public outcry, no consumers screaming bloody murder for this legislation. It seems to me that license requirements under this bill will put more of the heavy lifting on the Home Inspector.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I will take your bill any day over the Kansas bill. Compare the two. You have it easy.

Gary, I get your drift.
At times we are left with the lesser of two evils. Especially when lawmakers are involved. I think the Georgia bill is just plain terrible. Your Kansas bill is fancy terrible. (That is terrible with raisins in it)

I love peaches. Especially the fresh O’henry variety out of California.

A sweet peach is the fruit of the gods. I have found that it’s impossible for me to have an unkind thought while eating a fresh homegrown peach.

Right on. I wonder if lawmakers eat peaches.