Success Seminar & IR Class in Dallas

Inspector Success Seminar Coming To Dallas TX
on Friday, Jan 23, 2009 (location to be announced

Plus, we will have a 2 day IR class following the
Success Seminar on Jan 24,25. (TREC approved
for 16 hrs CE). More info to follow.

To Canadians… We are going to start having IR
classes in Toronto every 2 months. More info
will be announced shortly. The first class will be
on January 10-11, 2009. We have set this up with
an Inspector School in the area that wants us to
teach our IR classes. More info to follow.

IR Class details…
In conjunction with…

hi John
what kind of thermal imaging gun would you recommend?

The most popular camera I have seen for home inspector uses is the
FLIR BCAM SD and the FLUKE TiR series cameras.

It sometimes helps to take your training before you buy an IR camera
as it will help you decide which kind of IR camera you want to buy
for the present, and also future uses as your business expands.

Please do not buy any IR camera that is less than 120x120 resolution.

Call me if you want to talk … 888-818-4838

Good luck.