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Real Estate Firm, Home Inspector Give Buyer Bad Examples Of Ethics
by Blanche Evans

If you’re wondering why there’s such vitriol in the press about the real estate industry, this homebuyer’s situation illustrates some good reasons.

Hi, Blanche

I remember seeing you on a talk show or evening news, but have to apologize because I don’t remember which one.

I am desperately seeking your expert opinion, on the purchase of my home. My husband and I bought a home in November of 2005. The realtor that we used also worked at the same office as the seller’s realtor. Also my realtor gave me a brochure and told me to use a specific home inspector, which I did. He gave me an inspection that everything in my house was great and even told me he would have bought this house.

One week after we moved in our roof had a horrible leak in our family room. I immediately called the inspector and complained, and after a couple of phone calls he did come out to my house (I also had my Dad there at the time.) So my Dad and the inspector went up into the attic where my Dad found it completely blackened out with charred wood from a previous fire.

To make a long story short I called my realtor who said she knew nothing about it and told me she would call the Better Business Bureau to find out the Inspectors Insurance Information, since he refused to give it to me.

Later I found out that this particular inspector is on a Referral Program with this real-estate company. The way this particular program works is this: you have to pay the real-estate company a fee to be on the referral program, and only those on the referral program can be referred out by the realtors. However, neither the realtor or the inspector tell the client about this referral program. I guess that’s why I had such a “great inspection.”

I have contacted lawyers – who want a LOT of money to handle this case, but to be honest I don’t have the money. We used all our savings for an addition we needed to add to our house.

But in addition to those costs – we not only were not told of the fire damage, but now have mold/mildew damage from the old duct work that was in the house. It was not installed correctly and had been leaking for who knows how long. The wiring throughout the house I have been told by an electrician is incorrect and dangerous. There are many other things, too.

I just need to know if this is something I can pursue and be reimbursed for. What chance do I have to win against a large Real-estate company.

The reason I have waiting so long is the stress of the move, with added upset of all the…

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Sad but true.

This was posted a few weeks ago also. Are there any updates to it?

…perhaps, before all is said and done, he will.:wink: