Suction line bend

A little help HVAC experts… ran across a suction line with almost a 90 degree bend in it. Is there a maximum bend before it’s considered obstructive? Never ran across one with as much of a bend before.


90 degree bends are common. I’d be more concerned with a 90 degree that is crimped.

I think it is crimped. I could feel a pointed edge along the bottom of the bend.

I agree with Gary. If the bend was made by bending the tubing, look for signs of crimping. If the bend is from an installed fitting, look to make sure silver solder was used instead of regular plumbing solder.

If he’s asking this question, I seriously doubt that he can identify the difference between solder types[FONT=Tahoma][size=2].
If he didn’t slide back the Armorflex installation to look at the fitting, he’s not in the see the solder either.

If you think it is crimped, recommed it be checked by an AC company. If you have tape, you could aslo pull back the insulation and check it.

It will slide on the pipe.
Mention tape and it is outside the scope of HI…!